Top Ten events in Český Krumlov

Five-Petalled Rose Celebration

Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations

The Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations is a historical festival, which will take you back to the times of the Rožmberk dynasty reign. The main parts of the programme are historical parades, medieval tournament the „Tournament of Roses “, live chess, historical market in the chateau, firework, music, theatre, historical dance, historical fencing, conjurers and jugglers, fakirs and fire show. This three-day festival offers almost 150 performances.

International Music Festival Český Krumlov

The International Music Festival in Český Krumlov belongs to the most famous cultural events in the Czech Republic and it has become a stable part of the European cultural calendar. Its tradition reaches to the year 1992; being a representative summer display of the world-class music and its newest trends with an outstanding range of music of 15th until 21st century. It takes place for three weeks in July and August.

José Cura perfoms at IMF

Opera at baroque theatre

Baroque Arts Festival 

The Baroque Arts Festival Český Krumlov is a festival devoted to old music and scenic art intents from the Baroque period. It aims to show the original Baroque music in the most authentic interpretation. The bands, which perform during this festival are devoted to old music interpretation and play the music instruments using the old techniques. The arrangement of the concerts and performances is conceived according to the interpretation of the old music.

Chamber Music Festival 

The immortal works of Baroque artists meet again to create a unique cultural event. In the historical parts of the town, historical compositions can be heard again. With an annual periodicity, the Chamber Music Festival Český Krumlov brings the insight into Baroque compositions in authentic historical premises of the town and chateau Český Krumlov. Every year the modern world premiere of the Baroque Opera takes place at the Baroque Theater.

Baroque night, Masquarade hall

Ballet performace in the baroque garden

Revolving theatre

For more than half of century, the revolving theatre in Český Krumlov has been a significant and world’s unique representative of a natural outdoor theatre with an original design and utilisation of the scenic space. The auditorium revolves during the performance to allow watching the respective spot of “scenic action”. Eighty plays are performed here each year from June to September, attended by about 55,000 domestic and foreign spectators.

Wine Festival

Sophisticated wines from locals as well as from abroad, gastronomical specialities, unique scenery of the historical town –  and much more is found during the Wine Festival Český Krumlov®. The festival's program also includes the traditional arrival of St. Martin at Svornost Square, St. Martin's wine and menu in local restaurants. The WProgramme offers friendly get-togethers with a glass of wine with famous sommeliers and winemakers.

Wine Festival Cesky Krumlov

Moda Fashion Days

Moda Fashion Days

Moda Fashion Days is a social event representing the contemporary fashion scene in the Czech Republic. Confrontation of local activities with contemporary national and foreign fashion scene. Presenting creative work, looking for young talents, and promoting social issues with women's issues as the top priority of the project. Moda Fashion Days takes place in the attractive surroundings of the formal riding hall of the Castle.

Rallye Český Krumlov

The ultimate competitive company with a tradition since 1971. The roads near Český Krumlov become the venue for the FIA European Rally Trophy and the Czech Republic Championship of, a race for contemporary and vintage cars. Part of the race is the New Energies Rallye Český Krumlov and Rallye Legendy Show. An extraordinary experience is the ceremonial start and the announcement of the winners in the Deer Garden in Český Krumlov.

Rallye Český Krumlov

Open Air Foto Festival Český Krumlov

Open air Foto Festival

Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, do not miss unlimited photographic opportunities in Český Krumlov (UNESCO). You can meet the most interesting personalities from the Czech Republic and abroad, try out the miracles of latest technologies and learn the tricks from professionals. Inspirational exhibitions and photogenic stories from street art to the act are waiting for you.

Advent and Christmas in Český Krumlov

The Advent time is filled with a series of beautiful encounters, starting with a common Christmas tree lightening, carols, a nub, and Jesus' post. The crowning is a live Bethlehem - a biblical story portrayed by songs and dances. Advent weekends, enriched by the Christmas market with punch and Christmas sweets, make everybody feel the Christmas spirit. Not only for families with young children, can the Christmas Eve begin with a meeting at the Castle on the occasion of the Bear Christmas.

Bear Christmas