Payment and cancellation policy

Payment methods

It is possible to pay in cash or with a credit card.

Best Available Rate

No cancellation fee for cancellations more than 3 days before the confirmed arrival date. From 3 to 2 days, 50% cancellation fee of the agreed performance is charged. From 2 to 1 days, 75% cancellation fee of the agreed performance is charged. From 1 day to the arrival date, 100% cancellation fee equaling the amount of the agreed performance is charged.


In price included: breakfast and 15% VAT.

Not included

City tax 0.60 EUR per person/night.

Extra fees

Children up to 6 years using existing bedding have their stay free of charge.

Extra beds for all children up to 12 years are charged 15 EUR per night.

Extra beds for all other older children or adults are charged 30 EUR per night.

Pets are allowed for an additional fee: 12 EUR per night.


Complaints policy

Hotel Villa Beatika, conducted by the company Bellevue hotel Krumlov, s.r.o., Company Reg. No. 243 18 183, with its registered office in Prague 5, Švédská 635/8, postal code 150 00, registered by the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague under the File No. C195841 (the "Company"), at the address Příkrá 285, 381 01 Czech Krumlov ("Hotel")


1.1. This Complaints Policy governs in compliance with applicable laws, especially the Act No.  89/2012 Col., Ciivl Code („Civil Code“), and the Act No. 634/1992 Col., Consumer protection Act („Consumer Protection Act“), the scope, conditions and the manner of exercising rights of the customer from defective performance of the Hotel resulting from liability for defect services rendered or goods sold and their settlement (hereinafter "complaints "). The Complaints Policy is available on the Hotel's website.

2.Claiming Complaints

2.1. In case of defective services, the customer has the right to claim a complaint.  Rights from defective performance are claimed by the customer at any company's premises, headquarters, or by any agent of the hotel's services, where the faulty services or goods have been purchased, or directly at the place of service provided by an authorized representative of the hotel.

2.2. The customer is obliged to reproach the faulty services without unnecessary hesitation, if possible at the place, where the service was provided, nevertheless at the latest within 6 months from the moment of the service provision.  Shall the customer not reproach the faulty services in time, the claim cannot be taken into consideration. The right from liability from faulty provided services purchased according to the individual service agreement must be reproached by the customer without unnecessary delay after discovery.

2.3. The rights from liability from sold goods will expire if not claimed within 24 months upon receipt.

2.4. The customer is obliged to state his or her name, surname, address, content of the complaint, reason for the complaint, if possible submit a proof of faulty service, in particular a copy of the order, an invoice.  In the case of purchased goods, the customer is required to submit the goods, when making the claim.

2.5. The customer may make a claim in any form, stating the date, subject of the claim and the required way of handling the complaint. In case of an oral complaint, the authorized Hotel representative is obliged to give the customer a written confirmation of receipt of the complaint. The confirmation shall include the customer's personal information, the date of the claim, the complaint’s content, the way the customer claims the complaint to be settled, and the date and the method of handling the complaint.

2.6. If the customer also passes to the Hotel or the Hotel Service Provider other documents relating to the claim, or goods claimed, at the same time, this fact must be explicitly stated in the receipt.

2.Handling Complaints

3.1. The hotel is obliged to provide the customer with a written confirmation of the way the complaint is settled, including the confirmation of the repair and the duration of the repair, or a written justification of the refusal of the complaint.

3.2. The Hotel is obliged to decide in the matter immediately, in complex cases within 3 days. This period does not include the time required to expertly assess the defect and the length of time the customer did not provide the hotel with the necessary cooperation, in particular by failing to submit the claims and / or the goods to assess the defects.  Complaints must be processed without undue delay, no later than 30 days after their application.

3.3. In case of written complaints, the provisions of paragraph 2.5 apply to their content.

4.Customer's cooperation

4.1. The customer is obliged to provide needed cooperation in order to settle the claim, particularly  to give information, submit documents proving facts of the case, submit the claimed goods and specify his or hers requirements.  If the nature of the matter so requires, the customer must allow the authorized representative of the Hotel as well as representatives of the service provider access to the space provided to him / her for accommodation, etc., in order to ascertain the legitimacy of the claim.

5.Handling of the Claims

5.1. When a claim is made, the customer may ask for a correction or addition of what is missing and further an appropriate discount on the price. In case of irreparable defects, it is possible to withdraw from the contract or request a discount. In cases where the claim is justified as whole or partially, its settlement resides in settling the claim and complying with the claim.  In cases where the claim is considered unreasonable, the customer is informed in writing about the reasons for dismissal of the claim

5.2. If such circumstances arise, by which course and eventual result is not dependent on the will, activity and acting of the hotel (force majeure) or customer-related circumstances under which the customer does not fully or partially use the ordered, already paid Hotel services, no claim arises on returning the money or any form of discount.  Cancellation of the booked hotel services is subject to Cancellation Policy of the Hotel.


6.1. In other matters, provisions of applicable laws and regulations, foremost Civil Code and Consumer Protection Act shall apply.

6.2. The Customer has the right to resolve any disputes arising from contracts entered into with the Hole by means of an out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, such as the Czech Trade Inspection, based in Prague 2, Štěpánská 567/15, postal code 120 00, Internet address

6.Final Provisions

7.1. This Complaint Policy enters into force and effect on 21st August 2017.

7.2. This complaint shall be placed on an appropriate and publicly accessible place in the Hotel and also on the Hotel's website.

7.3. In case several language versions of this Policy exist, the Czech version shall prevail.

In Prague, 21st of August 2017

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